Student accommodation in Vienna – Here are some tips

Student accommodation in Vienna – Here are some tips

Vienna is a city of variety in all aspects and student accommodation is no exception. There are numerous apartments available for students along with their own advantages to ensure your stay is safe, stress free and comfortable.


As you may know – or heard- Viennese people are seriously keen on their “Viennese life style” which is all things that is elite, cozy and elegant. You feel it on the streets, in the coffee they drink or in the simple conversation you can come across everyday, it is in their culture. There are so many reasons it has been chosen the best city in the world year after year and one of the criteria is of course the student accommodation options it offers. Are you looking for an apartment you can call your home? Then you came to the right place.


Here are some of the student accommodation options designed for your comfort:


Base 11


With its artistic design, it is more than just a student apartment, it is everything you are looking for to experience the Viennese lifestyle in all its glory. Located just 1 minute walk from the metro station Gasometer (U3) a couple stations from the city center (Stephansplatz) it has everything you need. Since it is next to a shopping center (Gasometer city) it is conveniently located for your comfort.


Base 19


Located in a quiet area in the 19th district of Vienna while offering relaxation and fun at the same time Base 19 is the place to hang out. There are various activities you can enjoy along with a party room to celebrate your best moments life whereas it offers the peace and quiet you seek while hitting the books for your exams.


Base 22


Built in 2013, Base 22 is where luxury meets modern. It is located in the 22nd district and close to metro station Stadlau (U2) which is the line that goes to university of Vienna (Uni Wien), Vienna university of economics (WU) and the technical university of Vienna (TU). If you are looking for a new student accommodation this is the apartment for you!




Do you want to stay near the Danube river, take a stroll by the water and still reach your school by one transport? Then you are in the right place. Located in walking distance to Donaustadtbrücke (U2) it is just 5 minutes away from the university of economics (WU). This student apartment is all in one, where nature meets modern.


Burgenland 1


Located near the U6 station, medical university is just 5 minutes away from your student accommodation. This apartment offers comfort beyond your imagination including a sauna to hit after a hard work out session at the gym or a study marathon.


House Meidling


This student accommodation is located in the heart of the south of the city with close proximity to metro line 6 (U6) and the fast train services (S-Bahn) that enables you travel within the city along with connection to other countries.

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Vienna I Upcoming events and activities I Housing Austria

It is that time of the year when the flowers start to blossom and the whole city is happy to see the sun again after a long while. We can see the moods changing from blue to colorful and finally everyone starts to smile again- well as much as a Viennese can. So goodbye thick coats, farewell to dark colors and hello to new activities around the city. Now we can finally enjoy some outdoor activities and we do not have to be stuck at home throughout the weekends.

With the arrival of the Easter bunny, now is the time to cherish some time with family and friends and you can find a lot of activities for all kinds of people. The Easter markets are welcoming people with those gorgeous pastel colors and you can find decorations, tricks and more importantly a lot of traditional Easter treats as you walk along.

For more info on the upcoming spring activities in Vienna here:

Enjoy the cherry blossom time in Vienna, of course if you do not have the spring allergies!! Then it is the time to hang on to those nose sprays and the tissues.

But no matter what, flourish from the soil like the daisies on the sidewalks and enjoy!!

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Housing in Vienna – Vienna is the best city to study

Housing in Vienna – What is the city like?

Vienna is the capital city of Austria located in the heart of Europe. It is famous with cultural events, arts and coffee houses. Vienna is composed of 23 districts, the 1st being in the middle and where the city’s landmark St. Stephan’s Cathedral is located and surrounding the inner city in a spiral form with other districts. In every district, you can find many options in housing in Vienna. Here there are many museums- such as the Albertina, modern arts museum, historical library and natural history museum. Galleries and the most famous of all the magnificent Opera building across which our office is located. For students there are many opportunities in many public services:

  • discounted price for public transport
  • discounted price for many cultural activities
  • free Wi-Fi in many parts of the city (also free internet service in student housing in Vienna)
  • well built cycling lanes
  • both summer and winter activities – swimming facilities, lakes, ski resorts… reachable by public transport from your housing in Vienna.

Interesting activities in Vienna?

The opportunities for activities are not only limited to these of course. You can find various activities along the Danube river, in Museumsquartier or simply in the Lunapark in Praterstern.Every year there are many festivals on the coast of the Danube river such as Rock In Vienna, Danube Festivals and even a graffiti festival called the Levin Jam. You can attend many concerts along the year all reachable from your housing in Vienna easily by public transport. Also in Museumsquartier which is located where the 7th and 1st districts meet you can find many activities especially in summer. Starting from spring there are special chairs located the the quarter and people enjoy the street fairs, food fairs or just a sunny day listening to the wonderful street musicians, relaxing with your friends on these chairs. All these activities are located close to your housing in Vienna.

Transport system in Vienna?

Another aspect the students need to know is the public transport system in Vienna. There are five lines in metro which is called the U-Bahn, several lines in city trains called the S-Bahn, various and frequent buses and of course the tramways. During the week the city transport runs until 12.30 and from Fridays to Sundays they run non stop. With the semester card you can get as a student (which costs only 75 Euro a semester) and use any type of public transport and every student housing in Vienna is reachable to public transport.

And of course the Danube Canal. It is the extension of the Danube River where you can enjoy a walk or just enjoy the numerous restaurants and cafes located by the water. They are quite affordable and you can even sunbathe in the beach chairs sipping your cocktails or Vienna’s famous coffee Melange. Danube canal is also near many student housing in Vienna.


We will continue to inform you about upcoming events in Vienna and city’s beauties. Follow us also on Facebook!


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