It is that time of the year when the flowers start to blossom and the whole city is happy to see the sun again after a long while. We can see the moods changing from blue to colorful and finally everyone starts to smile again- well as much as a Viennese can. So goodbye thick coats, farewell to dark colors and hello to new activities around the city. Now we can finally enjoy some outdoor activities and we do not have to be stuck at home throughout the weekends.

With the arrival of the Easter bunny, now is the time to cherish some time with family and friends and you can find a lot of activities for all kinds of people. The Easter markets are welcoming people with those gorgeous pastel colors and you can find decorations, tricks and more importantly a lot of traditional Easter treats as you walk along.

For more info on the upcoming spring activities in Vienna here:

Enjoy the cherry blossom time in Vienna, of course if you do not have the spring allergies!! Then it is the time to hang on to those nose sprays and the tissues.

But no matter what, flourish from the soil like the daisies on the sidewalks and enjoy!!